Socializing Media For Engagement

Socializing Media For Engagement

You’re Not A Graphic Designer:
Stop trying so hard.

Use Canva templates and keep it simple
“Less is more”

Avoid investing too much time
perfecting a design

A complementary image from
Unsplash + great Copywriting = results


Persuading people to do shit.

People = Egos
Egos want to:- Save time
– Earn/save resources (MONEY)
– Be inspired/stimulated.

Egos want to be recognized, right away.
Don’t start with “I”, “We”, or “Us”.
Do start with “You”; “Your”; a question; or, an imperative verb.

Egos are tired of answering “yes” all the time.
Stop starting posts with closed-ended questions leading to “Yes”.
“Do you like meeting new and interesting people”?

“no” is the new “yes”.
“Is it crazy to think someone might find you interesting?!”

Except when a woman says “No!”
Don’t fuck with women.
No means no, guys.

Stroke their ego:
“You’re interesting, and people want to meet you!”

Questions get people thinking, imagining, or feeling.
They’ll be time-invested. And, it’s hard to walk away from
something you’re invested in.

“Imagine meeting someone new you find interesting.
What kind of movies do you feel they like?”

Suck them in.
Unusual questions catch people off guard.
They sometimes have to read it twice to believe what they read;
which means, they’re further investing in the copy.

Finish with a command, not a request.
People love to be told what to do.
It’s in our nature to follow.
Very few people realize this.

“Just Do It”
“Think Different”
“Taste The Rainbow”

It’s a solid way to finish Copy.

“Meet New People!”“Register Here”“Embrace Your Curiosity!”
Assume the sale

Content Strategy

Stop making everything about your product/service.

The more engagement you get, the more your posts appear in feeds
(organic reach).The way you get engagement is by praising, tagging, and adding value!

80% of what you share on social media is to be POSITIVE things happening in your industry.
Always tag the brands, people and pages involved. This will give them a notification, and
others in their network. They will like your post since you gave them exposure. Your audience
will appreciate you adding value in the form of positive, insightful, and meaningful content.

Your organic reach is now the cat’s pajamas.

When the time comes to share about your product/service:

Never tag people/pages with out their permission.
A simple message “I would be grateful if you shared this. How do you feel about it?”
or “Is it crazy to ask you to share this?”

Build a following of people by giving them exposure, they will do it for you later.

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Don’t be negative on social media, ever!
Even if some asshole is really being ignorant, play the high ground, be polite, and don’t swear!


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